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Chemistry Club is an innovative online learning platform for 11-14 year olds which sparks and nurtures an interest in chemistry through independent learning.

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What is Chemistry Club?

The Salters’ Chemistry Club used to be a handbook created for teachers to develop and grow science clubs in schools. It has now evolved into an online platform that reaches an international audience. Chemistry Club aims to demystify chemistry and showcase the breadth and depth of the subject and the wide range of careers chemistry can lead to.

Learners explore chemistry in our everyday lives and see that being a chemist isn’t all about wearing a white coat in a lab.

All learners log in using their school email. They will then need to be verified by their teacher or technician to have full access to the Chemistry Club content. This is to ensure the platform’s safeguarding protocols.

What I like most about Chemistry Club is that there are so many things that are related to chemistry that I didn't know about.
KS3 Student, 2021

Chemistry Club Statistics

  • 1,275

    students actively complete tasks on Chemistry Club.

  • 86%

    of Chemistry Club learners have an increased confidence in their chemistry ability.

  • 80%

    of Chemistry Club learners are more likely to choose chemistry to study at school.

Every weekday at 8am new content and activities are shared including: videos, infographics, fill in the blanks, guess the element, word searches and quizzes.

Learners can log in from anywhere in the world and learn something new, through bite-sized activities that explore different topics in chemistry.

Have a look at an example infographic that can be found on Chemistry Club.

Play video Watch a Chemistry Club Video: Solar Energy

Watch a Chemistry Club Video: Solar Energy

Meet Clementine Chambon, a member of our Salters' Alumni and co-founder of Oorja Solutions. Learn how Oorja Solutions uses solar energy to help supply farmers in India with renewable energy and discover the pathway Clementine took to become a scientist in this field.

The age-appropriate content is of a high standard because it’s created in collaboration with current university students, leading researchers and industry professionals. The platform is highly interactive and features beautiful illustrations that relate to monthly themes.

Bett Award Finalists 2023

Bett Award Finalists 2023

We are delighted to announce that the Salters' Institute's Chemistry Club has been shortlisted for a Bett Award 2023 in the following category: Secondary - Free Digital Content App or Open Educational Resource.

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Education Resources Award Finalists 2022

Education Resources Award Finalists 2022

In 2022, Chemistry Club was shortlisted for an Education Resources Award 2022 in the Free Education Resource category.

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All learners need verification by their teacher or technician in order to be able to access the Chemistry Club content. This is to ensure the platform’s safeguarding protocols.

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