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Chemistry has an important role to play in our lives and it impacts us all.


We believe that children and young people should have access to the best teaching and learning resources. We create meaningful and transformative experiences that help shape the perception of and engagement in chemistry and related sciences.

Your support matters and is essential for our work. We are extremely grateful for your donation, large or small. There is an increasing need, now more than ever, to engage young people in chemistry and support a sustainable talent pipeline that delivers excellence for research, industry and leadership across public life.

Your donation will help transform potential and opportunities, bringing chemistry and related sciences alive for the younger generation. Through your support, we can continue to grow and diversify the community of learners who engage and pursue chemistry.


Why give to the Salters’?

When you give to the Salters’ Institute you:

  • inspire young people to dream, be curious, to question and to want to find solutions to the challenges the future may hold
  • recognise the impact that chemistry and related sciences play in industry and society
  • invest in the development of our future chemists and leaders of industry and public life
  • shape how chemistry is taught in schools and universities
  • equip the next generation with the tools and approaches to solve future challenges that will make a positive impact on their world.


Letting children experience the science experiments and learn about the scientists was fantastic. I very much appreciate Salters' investment in young children.
Parent, Family Workshop, 2019
Make a single donation or give regularly

Your donation can help to reach more young people, especially those from socio-economically deprived areas. We want children, regardless of background, to experience the excitement and joy of chemistry, and be inspired to make a positive contribution to their communities and society.

£50 can pay for a day’s content on Chemistry Club created by our Outreach Ambassadors, chemists at the forefront of chemistry research.               

£100 can pay for a school group of ten students with their teacher to attend a Discovery Day as part of our Festivals of Chemistry.

£500 can pay for resources for teachers, science technicians and schools.