Centenary Awards

Salters' Centenary Awards are for chemists and chemical engineers starting their careers in industry.

Awards Programme

The purpose of this award is to recognise and support individuals who are starting out in their career and who have the potential to make an outstanding long-term contribution to industries that use chemistry and chemical engineering.


Candidates for the Centenary Awards must:

  • currently work in the chemical or allied industries in the UK
  • have between 3-5 years’ experience in industry
  • have a degree in either chemistry or chemical engineering at Bachelors/Masters/Postgraduate level.
Each year up to four Awards, each of £1,000, are made to successful candidates.

Each year up to four Awards, each of £1,000, are made to successful candidates.

Selection Process – currently closed for applications

Nomination Form

An Industrial Site Manager, Head of Department or equivalent may nominate one candidate. For candidates who were nominated in previous years, there must be at least one year between this and their last application.

Candidates should complete the nomination form which must be supported by a confidential reference, which pays special attention to the criteria listed above.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to The Salters’ Hall for interview by a range of panellists from Industry.

Download the nomination form here.



The interviews will be conducted by a panel of senior industrialists who will consider the following criteria:

  • Leadership potential
  • Evidence of commitment to an industrial career
  • Understanding of challenges and opportunities facing industry and a vision of how they can contribute
  • Ability to communicate their interest and enthusiasm to a wider audience
  • Willingness and ability to take part in the Institute’s activities

Are you a Centenary Award winner?

Learn more about our Alumni Programme and the opportunities available to you.

Our Alumni Programme

If you have any enquiries about our Centenary Awards, please email the Programme Manager (Awards and Alumni) at [email protected].

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