Our programmes for schools in 2021/22 focuses on biodiversity in our local environments.

Public Programmes
Through our Wild City project, schools learn about the importance of biodiversity in our individual lives and in society.

Students will work with experts, Edible Landscapes London, and the Salters’ Institute to record and increase biodiversity in their local area and explore how green spaces can promote it.

Year 5 students from Londonbased primary schools will design a new green space and compete to win the chance to have their design brought to life. The Wild City project includes off-site visits and interactive sessions to help students imagine and design their very own green space for their school. The winning garden design will be created in the summer of 2022.



Wild City launches with a photography competition encouraging students to explore biodiversity in their local area. This is a chance for your students to capture wonderful images of both flora and fauna which the judges will review for creativity, originality and relevance.



Students kick start their Wild City journey by discovering the science behind biodiversity as they explore soil science experiments with Edible Landscapes London and the Salters’ Education team. Students also record the biodiversity in and around their school to help shape their design for a green space.



All participating will return to Salters’ Hall for a Celebration Day, to showcase their designs. The winning school works with our Edible Landscapes London to bring their research and design to life. These experts will create the students very own green space at their school in the summer, which will be revealed at the start of the autumn term.

The runners up will receive £300 to continue their journey towards understanding and increasing biodiversity. This award can go towards buying resources and materials to create their own green space in their school or to booking an educational workshop that explores biodiversity and related themes.

For any questions or to get in touch regarding the Wild City project, please contact the Public Programmes Manager at [email protected]

Edible Landscapes London

Our Wild City partner, Edible Landscapes London, is a not-for-profit community education project. They specialise in forest gardening – a food growing design system that mimics natural ecosystems, involving a variety of perennial plants and trees. Their volunteer sessions help Londoners learn to grow more of their own food, and propagate plants to give away to local projects.