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Join us in recognising potential and creating opportunities.

The Salters’ Institute believes that collaboration is key to achieving more engagement and long-term positive impact within chemistry and related sciences.

We want to work and build connections with charitable organisations, professional networks, educational institutions and industry. Our aim is to increase diverse voices within chemistry and related sciences, invest in potential and promote creative opportunities for learners and educators.

We really enjoyed beginning our 2021 Architecture in Schools programme at Salters’ Hall. The wonderful building and space was matched by the warm welcome from the team and created a real sense of exciting potential.
Architecture in Schools, Open City

Our Wild City Partner, Edible Landscapes London, on a Wild City launch day at Salters' Hall.

Join us in recognising potential and creating opportunities.

If you've got an idea, we'd love to hear from you.

If you've got an idea, we'd love to hear from you.

Let us know how you would like to collaborate with us at [email protected].

Hear from our Partners:

Creative Design Partner

“The team at the Salters’ Institute are passionate about their mission, knowledgeable about their subjects, and enthusiastic and creative about their approach to working together. They are an absolute joy to work with.”

Sam Osborne


Educational Institution Partner

“The Salters’ Institute have been a fantastic partner for many of our chemistry outreach events and we have worked with them for both in-person and online activities. Everything is always efficiently organised and the output is of a high professional standard. It is great to know that our work with Salters’ is available to a wide range of students, and we look forward to continuing our long-standing collaboration.”

Dr James Taylor, Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, University of Bath


Chemistry Club Filming Contributor

“It was a great experience to film with you and the team! Please pass on our thanks to everyone – they made us feel comfortable and excited about the entire process. Really looking forward to see the finished clips. Thanks so much for getting us involved.”

Dr Anna Regoutz, Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, UCL

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We are looking for organisations that can support us in innovative programming and delivery, that can sponsor different strands of our education strategy and that are committed to improving the life chances for children and young people facing socio-economic disadvantage.

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Hear from our Partners

Digital Development Partner

“Producing content for the Salters’ Institute has been thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable. The team are great to work with, very professional, adaptable to our work methods and incredibly friendly. The organisation is doing an excellent job of inspiring a generation of future scientists and making science fun and accessible to all. We look forward to continuing our wonderful partnership with the Salters’ Institute.”

CTVC – Digital Producer


Educational Outreach Partner

“Working on the Wild City Project with the Salters’ Institute has been a wonderful and important experience for the Edible Landscapes London team. The chance to expand our outreach and work with some of the most deprived schools in London teaching about biodiversity, soil science and the importance of localising and diversifying our food growing has been a profound experience for us.”

Edible Landscapes London

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If you want to get in touch, please email us at [email protected].