Chemistry Changemakers Award

Using chemistry to change our world for the better and create a positive impact within our communities

The Salters’ Institute believes that chemistry can change our world for the better.  Chemistry can be involved in solutions to reduce air pollution, provide sustainable energy, increase food security, and combat many health challenges.

We are looking to you to come up with innovative solutions using chemistry to create a positive impact within our communities.

Our Chemistry Changemakers Award is now closed for 2023.

We would like to encourage students aged 16-17 to create a poster that identifies and tackles a societal issue within your community from one of the following themes:

  • Travel and Transport
  • Homes and Habitats
  • Health and Lifestyle

Your poster should include the following information:

  • A brief description of the societal issue
  • Why is it an issue and who it affects
  • Your chemistry-related solution/invention and how it will help
We are looking to award up to 6 students with £150 for their ground-breaking idea.

We are looking to award up to 6 students with £150 for their ground-breaking idea.

ROUND 1 – Poster Competition

Chemistry Changemakers launches with our poster competition encouraging students to identify societal issues and propose chemistry-related solutions in tackling these issues. Students will also need to complete a brief supporting application form. Both the application form and the poster will need to be uploaded using a school email address.

Our judging panel will review the poster for creativity, originality and relevance.


ROUND 2 – Interview

Our judging panel will shortlist up to 12 students who will be invited with a parent/carer to Salters’ Hall for interview and standard class transport costs will be funded.

At Salters’ Hall each candidate will present their poster in person to our Panellists to explain their idea in more detail.


ROUND 3 – Awards Ceremony

Our judges will then select up to 6 winners, who will be awarded £150 each, celebrated at our Annual Awards Ceremony in December, as well as be invited to join our prestigious Alumni community where they will have the ability to network and build their knowledge of the chemical related industries.

Download the Chemistry Changemakers Poster

Teachers can use this poster to promote the Chemistry Changemakers Awards at their schools.