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Making chemistry relevant and empowering learners to have confidence in the subject. We are committed to bringing chemistry to life for learners aged 11 - 18 years. This outreach comes under the Chemistry for Scholars strand of our strategy.

Join our online Chemistry Club for 11-14 year olds

Join our online Chemistry Club for 11-14 year olds

Explore the chemistry in our everyday lives, from materials to food to the human body, and see that being a chemist isn't all about wearing a white lab coat.

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What I like most about Chemistry Club is that there are so many things that are related to chemistry that I didn't know about.
KS3 Student
Explore our Festivals of Chemistry

Explore our Festivals of Chemistry

Are you interested in chemistry and where it can take you? Our Festivals of Chemistry give you the chance to learn about the subject beyond school, and the different careers chemistry can lead to.

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Are you currently taking science A Levels?

Year 12

In 2022 we introduced the Chemistry Changemakers Award for students aged 16 – 17. Students will be asked to identify a local or national societal issue and propose a science-focused solution that involves chemistry. This involves creating a poster with a supporting statement.

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Year 13

Our current A-level Awards focus on the top 5/6 students in Biology, Chemistry and Physics throughout the UK. These are the students who achieve the highest marks in the following courses:

  • Salters Advanced Chemistry
  • Salters-Nuffield Advanced Biology
  • Salters Horners Advanced Physics

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