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Explore the range of exciting activities that we offer to young learners, from Early Years to those in secondary education.

Play video Salters' Outreach Work

Salters' Outreach Work

Meet our Public Programmes Manager, Sheila Pott and former Head of Education, Mariama Ifode-Blease as they explore our outreach work, from in-person events to exciting new initiatives, such as the online Chemistry Club. Hear from mother of four, Elaine Christie, who tells of the positive impact our work has had on her family.

Come to a Family Workshop

Throughout the year we inspire families and ignite the curiosity of young learners through interactive and immersive workshops. Our family workshops are for primary school aged children. They encourage young learners to discover and investigate themes of chemistry, history, art and design and architecture.

Experiment of the Month

Experiment of the Month

Chemistry is all around us. Engage with our monthly resource that is designed to bring chemistry to life for the whole family. The experiments are interactive, accessible and fun.

Chemistry Club

Chemistry Club is an online interactive learning platform that promotes independent learning and makes chemistry relevant. It aims to demystify chemistry and showcase the breadth and depth of chemistry as a subject and a career, and spark and nurture an interest in chemistry in young learners before they choose the subjects they will study later in secondary school.

Your child will need to register to gain access to the online Chemistry Club platform. The form will ask what school they go to so that we can verify their registration with their teacher. Once this is done, they will then gain access to Chemistry Club.


Tell your child’s school about Festivals of Chemistry

This year our Festivals of Chemistry will introduce a three-stage, blended approach, giving 14 -16 year olds a chance to see what chemistry offers as a subject area and how it opens doors to many careers.

Festivals of Chemistry

Book a tour

We welcome small groups into Salters’ Hall, our iconic base in London. For more information, please email [email protected]