Festivals of Chemistry 2024 is Live

The Festivals of Chemistry 2024 resources are now available to registered students and educators.

The Salters’ Festivals of Chemistry 2024 is now live! Our virtual Stages 1 and 3 are open to students aged 14-16 and their registered educators. Participants can now access 15 careers resources and lessons plans in Stage 1 and challenge their creativity and research skills in a reimagined Chemistry for Good Challenge in Stage 3.

During this British Science Week why not explore all that our Festivals of Chemistry have to offer. Students can learn about different careers that chemistry can lead to, through three new careers resources and lesson plans, in addition to the 12 resources already available to Festival participants, in Stage 1. These resources bring chemistry to life showing its real-world applications, such as materials chemistry in technology or create sustainable clothing. The resources are designed to inspire students to see the potential of chemistry research and the impact the subject has beyond the classroom.

For educators, the careers resources, which can now be found in one place on the Festivals website, can be used throughout the year in chemistry lessons. The videos, lesson plans and accompanying PowerPoints are designed to support Gatsby Benchmark 4 and are available in English and Welsh. In addition, there is a new ‘additional resources’ page combining all the curriculum-related videos created during the pandemic. These videos are designed to support learning and give insights into university life, including demonstrations of curriculum-required practicals.

Finally, students can challenge themselves through the Chemistry for Good Challenge in Stage 3. Students are asked to use chemistry to devise innovative solutions to create sustainable cities and communities for the future, following prompts from the Challenge. This multi-month project provides the space for students to develop their independent research and teamwork skills while thinking of how chemistry can be used for good.

Find out more on the Festivals of Chemistry website and register for a school code to access these resources here: https://saltersinstitute.org/programmes/festivals-of-chemistry/