Congratulations to our 2023 Award Winners

The Salters’ Institute is pleased to announce all our 2023 award winners, whose accomplishments were recognised at our Annual Awards Ceremony last week.

On 1 December 2023, the Salters’ Institute recognised our 32 award winners from the past year at the Salters’ Annual Awards Ceremony. Award winners gathered at Salters’ Hall in the City of London, joined by their nominators and leadership of the Salters’ Company, to celebrate their achievements.

Dr Rehana Sidat

Award winners and their guests were treated to a keynote speech from Dr Rehana Sidat, FRSC.

Dr Sidat is an experienced senior leader in the pharmaceutical industry who is known for her unique blend of applied experience uniting business acumen and people-focused equity. She spoke about her journey and pressed to the award winners to consider what unique attributes they have that they can bring to their work, studies, and the wider world to make a positive change.

Attendees also heard from the current Master Salter, Jamie Wordie; the Clerk for the Salters’ Company, Tim Smith; the Chair of the Salters’ Institute, Rev’d Professor Michael Reiss; and panellists for the individual awards, including subject advisor Andy Brunning and school technician Paul Cook.

Award winners now join the Salters’ Alumni Programme, where they will be offered opportunities to develop and support their careers.

Full information about the Awards Programme can be found on our website:

If you have any queries the Awards Programme at the Salters’ Institute, please email our Programme Manager (Awards and Alumni), Elise Gerber, at [email protected].

A full list of our 2023 award winners and photos from the day are below:

Graduate Award

To recognise final-year undergraduate students studying chemistry and chemical engineering who demonstrate the ability to become leaders within their chosen field from across the UK.

Elish Chambers (Lancaster University)

Marta Chronowska (University of Edinburgh)

Emily Dixon (University of Nottingham)

Samuel R Edwards (Loughborough University)

Louisa J Kamajaya (University of Leeds)

Ali Kanou (University of Manchester)

Hanna N Ryder (University of York)

Ben Telfer (University of Strathclyde)


Technicians Award

To recognise science technicians in schools and colleges who are going above and beyond for their students.

Catherine Bach and Marissa Healey (Montgomery Academy)

Karthika Paranthaman (Boroughmuir High School)

Fiona Roberts (The Morley Academy)


A-Level Award – Salters’ Advanced Chemistry

To recognise students who achieved the highest marks in the Salters Advanced Chemistry course across the UK.

Finlay N S Barker (Mount Kelly College)

Charlie A R Blows (Malmsbury School)

Marina A Chimonides (The Judd School)

Charles E Thornton (Bootham School)


A-Level Award – Salters-Nuffield Advanced Biology

To recognise students who achieved the highest marks in the Salters-Nuffield Advanced Biology course across the UK.

Ademola O Oguntoyinbo (Beths Grammar School)

Jedida A R Phillips (Beths Grammar School)

Sairam Ravi (Jumeirah College)

Tushar Vinod (Wilson’s School)


A-Level Award – Salters-Horners Advanced Physics

To recognise students who achieved the highest marks in the Salters-Horners Advanced Physics course across the UK.

Girogio Amasanti (Royal Grammar School)

Nakul Nataraj (Royal Grammar School)

Edward Wei (Harrow School)


Chemistry Changemakers Award

To recognise the students with the most innovative solutions to global issues using chemistry for the Chemistry Changemakers Award competition. These students attended or are attending:

City of London Freemen’s School

Haberdasher’s Girls’ School

Kingston Grammar School

Sheffield Girls’ School


Salters’ Award Chemistry Clubbers

To recognise the top-scoring students in the Salters’ Chemistry Club within the UK. These top-scoring students attended or are attending:

Bancroft’s School

Oaks and Acrons In Harmony C.I.C.

Loreto Grammar School

Nower Hill High School

Woodford County High School

All photos in this article are credited to Eva Palazuelos.