New Features on the Chemistry Club Website

We’re kicking off the year with big updates to the Chemistry Club website.

The Salters’ Institute has made significant updates to the Salters’ Chemistry Club, our innovative online learning platform for 11-14 year olds. Drawn from feedback given by educators and students, these changes seek to improve the user experience for our Chemistry Clubbers and their educators and boost students’ ownership of their independent learning.

The Salters’ Chemistry Club website itself has had major changes! You will find a new homepage and landing page when you log-in and information about the Chemistry Club itself is now easier to find.

Once logged into Chemistry Club, our Chemistry Clubbers can:

  • Track their progress on their new dashboard.
  • See how they rank against other students in their school, country, and the world.
  • See which activities they’ve done and haven’t done yet.
  • Do activities in previous month’s themes.
  • Add trophies for their trophy cabinet by doing activities every month.

After they’ve logged in, educators can now:

  • Track key information about their students’ collective activity on their new dashboard.
  • See where their school ranks in comparison to other schools in their country.
  • Authorise multiple new students in one click.
  • Transfer their students from one school to another.

We hope that these new features will inspire our Chemistry Clubbers to learn more about chemistry and all the exciting things that you can do with it. Thank you to all our Chemistry Clubbers and educators who provided feedback to make these changes!

Chemistry Club is designed to spark and nurture an interest in chemistry through independent learning in students aged 11-14 years old. Learn how to get your school involved with Chemistry Club here:

If you have any queries about the Salters’ Chemistry Club, please email [email protected].