Lunchtime Lectures

Our third and final Lunchtime Lecture, exploring the hidden chemistry in medicine with Professor Sir David Klenerman, was a fantastic way to round off our 2022 Lunchtime Lecture series. Thank you to all who attended.

The final Lunchtime Lecture of 2022 was held on Thursday 14th July and was delivered by Professor Sir David Klenerman. David is a physical chemist who studied at the University of Cambridge as an undergraduate and graduate and worked with Professor Ian Smith on infra-red chemiluminescence for his PhD in 1985.

David is one of the co-inventors (along with Professor Shankar Balasubramanian) of the leading next generation sequencing methodology, Solexa sequencing, which he commercialised by co-founding the biotech company Solexa.

His lecture, titled “Watching Single Molecules in Action” was an inspiring talk about new chemistry and how the use of chemistry can solve problems and improve people’s lives. We learned about DNA sequencing and its importance in understanding differences between humans as well as helping to prevent or monitor diseases.

It was a very insightful lecture and the audience had many interesting and engaging questions for Professor Sir David Klenerman to end off the lecture and wrap up the 2022 Lunchtime Lecture series.