Christ’s Hospital Careers Forum

The Salters’ Institute’s Programme Manager (KS3-KS5 or equivalent and Universities), Sam Howard, was kindly invited to Christ’s Hospital School to speak on the topic of ‘Making Chemistry Matter for All’ to over 20 careers professionals working across schools in the South East area.

Sam and the careers professionals had an expansive two-hour discussion about the relevancy of chemistry in today’s world, the array of careers it leads to and how it is important for our futures in using chemistry for good. They also discussed promoting diversity and the importance of it in the intake of those pursuing further study and careers in Chemistry, and STEM more broadly. The professionals had interesting and insightful questions around the current science curriculum, how we can make careers within chemistry appeal to younger generations and what the Salters’ Institute is doing to transform perceptions of chemistry within secondary aged students. All the attendees were treated to the traditional marching performed by the students at Christ’s Hospital School.

Spreading the word about chemistry and the career pathways it offers to careers professionals within the South East area will hopefully help more students find an interest for the subject and know that it is an option for them in the future.

Thank you to Bryony Thomas and the team at Christ’s Hospital School for inviting us to speak at the event and hosting the discussion on ‘Making Chemistry Matter for All’.