Wild City 2023 Celebration Days

Year 5 students from the four schools participating in Wild City 2023 presented their green space designs and shared what they learned about biodiversity in a celebration of their hard work over the past four months.

The Salters’ Institute welcomed the Year 5 students participating in Wild City 2023 to Celebration Days at Salters’ Hall to recognise the students’ hard work learning about biodiversity over the past four months. Students from Holy Trinity Primary, Old Palace Primary School, Rushmore Primary School, and St Mary’s C of E Primary School presented their green space designs for school and discussed their research and learning to date.

Led by the Wild City team of the Salters’ Institute and Edible Landscapes London, the students engaged in very movement-based and dynamic activities. In addition to their presentations, the students further investigated the role of climate change by becoming pollinators and made seed balls for the fauna at their home or school.

From our Programme Manager Sheila:

These simple but powerful activities like what we did at our Celebration Days ensures that these young people are empowered to take action and share their increased understanding and appreciation of biodiversity within their local communities.

Year 5 students at Rushmore Primary School conduct a site survey of their school in preparation of designing a green space as part of Wild City 2023.

Reflecting on the incredible research and discovery that the students incorporated into their designs, the Wild City team was so impressed by the development of the students’ knowledge and understanding of biodiversity. The team had previously visited each of the four schools, where they led the students through biodiversity site surveys and introduced the design stage. The Wild City Celebration Days marked the fantastic progress among all the students.

At the Celebration Days the winners of Wild City 2023, Rushmore Primary School, presented their winning design in detail. The three runner-up schools each received their monetary prize to continue their exploration of biodiversity. Over the next few months, the Wild City team will build the green space designed by the Rushmore Primary School students.