Introducing Salters’ Chemistry Champion Dr Josh Smalley

The Salters’ Institute will be working with Dr Josh Smalley, chemical biologist and finalist on the Great British Bake-Off, to inspire learners to see how chemistry shapes our everyday lives.

The Salters’ Institute is pleased to announce that Dr Josh Smalley will be the first Salters’ Chemistry Champion of 2024. Most well known for being a finalist on the 14th season of Great British Bake Off, Josh is also a chemical biologist at the University of Leicester. With his support of the Salters’ Institute’s programmes, we aim to continue transforming learners’ perception of chemistry.

As a Chemistry Champion, Josh will participate in our programmes, assist with fundraising, and share how chemistry and related sciences influence our daily lives. Having applied chemistry both in his career as a researcher and his hobby in baking, the Salters’ Institute sees Josh as an excellent voice for inspiring learners of all ages to see how chemistry shapes our lives in positive ways.

From Josh:

‘I’m looking forward to collaborating with the Salters’ Institute in promoting chemistry, and its parallels with baking, among students and undergraduates following my time on Bake Off. I hope that my time with Salters’ will inspire more young people to pursue chemistry and the related sciences in and beyond school. ’

From Mariama Ifode-Blease, Head of Education for the Salters’ Institute:

‘We pride ourselves on sharing the positive contributions that chemistry has made to society and the common good. Chemistry is fundamental to baking. Josh’s success on Bake Off has already inspired many; we are delighted to have him as our first Salters’ Chemistry Champion of 2024. Dr Smalley knows and lives chemistry. We are confident that his support of, and participating in, our programmes will inspire even more learners to explore chemistry and the related sciences.’

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